Summer Essentials | Forest Essentials Silken Dusting powder Review

Hello angels,

Its almost the end of April and boy it is sultry! The sun is blazing in its full glory right on our heads and let me not get started on the sweat and its perils. Our skin needs special care this season and the least we can do is invest in good skincare and makeup. Products that are very easy on the pocket might have harmful chemicals that do more damage to your skin than the money you have saved.

So please choose your products wisely. A lot (read: most) of the times products ain’t as ‘natural’ as the brands sound it to be. A healthy tip is to look for ingredients and then decide if it suits you or not!

I am a person who would save up and buy something that takes care of my body than something affordable but is harsh to my skin. I love Forest Essentials as most of my skin-care is from them. It is an expensive brand but I don’t mind investing in the same as I know that the ingredients are naturally sourced and is certified organic.


I was looking for an everyday powder. I was using Ponds powder but I read that talc is very harsh on the skin and has cancer bearing chemicals, hence I was looking for alternatives. I saw the Forest Essentials Silken Dusting Powder at the airport and tried out the tester. i didn’t buy it then but I fell in love with it when I reached home, 10 hours later when my face still looked fresh as a flower. I looked for it online but it was sold out almost everywhere. I finally bought it at the airport a week later.


I bought 2 variants- Nargis, for mom &  Mashobra Honey & Vanilla for myself. The powder doesn’t have any talc and is safe to use on face. It has arrowroot powder, kokum butter, olive oil, etc which are very gentle on your skin. Though it is a dusting powder, I mostly use it on my face every morning as I don’t want to use base make-up everyday to work.

The texture of this powder is very smooth and silky, you don’t need too much product. The other good thing about this is that it keeps the skin fresh and hydrated all day. I do not see 2litre oil on my face at the end of the day, which I used to earlier. The packaging is not the most premium like their other products , could have been better but it is convenient to use. The fragrance is natural (not artificial) and very soothing.

You get 100 gm of product at Rs.695/- for most variants. There are 4 variants available- Indian Rose, Nargis, Green Tea & Oudh, Mashobra Honey and Vanilla. In my opinion, I highly recommend the product as it works well on the skin.

This is my skin with only powder and basic skincare in the base.IMG20190409094016

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