Dubai Diaries. (I)

Hola Peeps !

This is one trip and one post that I have been looking forward to. This year literally started with travel and I had taken a resolution to visit atleast 3 new places and I have already visited the first 2 in the first month itself. Not a bad start 😛

For those who follow me on instagram and other social media handles, would know that I had been to Dubai during the Dubai Shopping Festival. It was a very impromptu plan and I am glad that I went ahead with it. It was a solo trip (something that I do every year). Solo trips are liberating and a means to explore yourself. You become so independent and can handle situations so much better than others. Want to know where I went and What I wore??? Read on !

So, I landed in Dubai on 11th of January at around 12 IST. It is around 2hours and 30 mins from Pune and the tickets costed me approx 17K INR(Spicejet). You can get it a much cheaper rate if you book in advance. I will try and list the cost for whatever I remember. I put up at The Country Club Hotel in Bur Dubai. The hotel was a bit far from the nearest metro station but the room was AMAZING! (25K for 4 nights) They decorated the whole room with balloons and candles for me which was very very warm and welcoming. I crashed straight into the bed as the next day was going to be VERY tiring.

P.S- I am going to break my journey into 3 parts. Day1-Day2&3-Day4 & My thoughts on the trip , so that it isn’t too much at one go.

My gorgeous room !

DAY 1:

My DXB trip started with a monorail ride to The Palm-Atlantis. I was in awe of everything there. The roads , the trains, everything there is so smooth and effortless. So, there is a monorail to Atlantis, which gives you a brilliant view of the roads, the houses and the arms of the artificially made Palms. It is basically a man made island (Something that only Dubai can) which has a dome shaped top(Atlantis) and leaf shaped arms that have houses for the rich. The Atlantis is a beautiful hotel overlooking the sea. The hotel also has a small mall inside that sell local as well as upmarket stuff (inflated prices).

What I wore?

Playsuit- Forever 21 (India)
Shoes-H&M (Dubai) 
Bag- Guess
Shades- MTV (
Lipstick - Devoted from The Balm Cosmetics (U.S.A) mixed with 
'Sarafine' from Anastasia Beverely Hills.


View from the monorail while it approaches The Palm.


My next stop was Burj -Al-Arab.  By the way, you are not allowed to enter both – Atlantis & Burj, unless you stay there. I went to this restaurant called Shimmers that was by the beach. I ordered a Pizza and a Greek pasta. I somehow hated the pasta as it oozed oil. Pizza was tasty! The way towards the beach is so exotic that you will want to click pictures at every corner. The whole beach is divided into parts and there are a handful restaurants in each part. The entrance to these is via Jumeirah, which is the compound of Burj.  And yes, I changed here. My dress is from H&M.



Lunch by the beach.


Next I went crazy because I went to The Dubai Mall. I literally went crazy. I wanted to stay there forever. I shopped half my heart out and saved the rest for later. I will show what all I bought in a separate Haul blog. Next I went to the Burj Khalifa which is inside Dubai Mall. The place is breathtakingly tall. It is so tall that you have to sleep on the floor to take a picture and you still cant fit the structure into your frame. I also went on top of Burj Khalifa and caught the sunset which looked like a ball of orange setting in sand.


The last stop for the day was Dubai Aquarium which is also located inside Dubai Mall and has a wide collection of birds and fishes including Sharks,Penguins and crocodiles. I saw kinds of creatures that I had never ever seen before. It was a brilliant place to up your eco-biology skills.


See you in the next blog !


Day 1 was indeed hectic but what an experience it was. Let me know if you guys want to know anything else. See you super soon.

The part 2 will go up next week! Excited alredy ?

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