Forest Essentials Skincare Review-I

Hello people. I hope you guys are doing good and had a great New Year. I bought a couple of stuff from Forest Essentials and thought that I would review it on the blog. The review will go up in 3 parts. For today I have the Forest Essentials Mashobra Honey Lemon & Rosewater Facial cleanser and Eladi Teenage Day Cream.

Facial Cleanser:

The reason I love Forest Essentials is because they are almost chemical free and do not generally react with the skin. The weather here in Pune is very different from that ok Kolkata with Pune being dry as a desert. This face wash is very refreshing as it has rose water along with lemon and Mashobra Honey. Mashobra is a small town in Shimla and is very famous for its honey . Honey has natural anti-oxidant and anti-microbial properties that cool the skin down on sun exposure. It gives a subtle glow to the skin and leaves the skin very soft and supple without ripping the skin off natural oils.


You get 200 ml of product at Rs.1125/- which is a bit hefty but the brand itself speaks out that it is ‘Luxurious Ayurveda’ and hence keeping in mind the chemical free aspect, this is a value for money. Also, the bottle will last you a good 3 months.

Eladi Teenage Day Cream 

I absolutely LOVE this one. My skin felt so dry that i had to apply what not every 2 hours. But once you apply this in the morning, it takes care of your skin for the entire day. People with oily skin & humid climate, please avoid this product as it is very hydrating without being heavy on the skin. It contains pure rosewater, silver and Zinc to unclog your pores and give you an even complexion and it exactly stands true to what it speaks. It also has an SPF 30 so no worries of an additional sun block is needed.


Can we please take a moment and appreciate the packaging? It comes in a beautiful jar with a gold lid and it screams ‘expensive’ all over. You get 30gms of product for Rs.1850/- and this will also last for about 3 months depending on how dry the weather is. Again, Forest Essentials is pricier than the normal but some of its products are just worth it.

I liked both the products in this review . The product worked great for me but it might not work for you , so please buy a sample and test it out on your skin first. Also, there were products that I did not end up liking and I shall come up with another 2 in the coming week.

Pictures by: Charles Paul.

Till then,

See ya !

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