Back with the Blues !

I think it has become a customary to start my blog post with an apology. Yet again I have been away from where my heart is, since so long. Apologies for the same. I do have another one lined up for the next week ! *happy grins*

I was one of the lucky and priviledged few to be invited for the #VlccStyleStatements , where we bloggers got so much insight into hair and skincare.

What I Wore to that event was equally exciting. I chose a playsuit by Chemistry and layered it with a peach shirt that I got from Colaba, Mumbai. I kept the look neat by adding a white round sling from Forever 21 and the shoes are from ! Also, I do not even remember since when that blue sleek belt has been lying in my closet.

It isn’t always about where you buy a piece from, it is all about how you use it. In this look,according to me, the peach shirt was the star stealer! I also got the shades from Linking Road,Mumbai for 150 bucks !


Pictures by : Rajni Khaitan .

You can follow her on instagram @theclicchic ❤

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Love the pattern mixing 😍


    1. fuss&fire says:

      Thank you so much ✔

      Liked by 1 person

  2. RAJIV K RAY says:

    You used your accessories perfectly and the whole combination makes you more expensive…. Thank you for this blog 😍


  3. Hottie😘 Love your outfit & thanks for tagging me🙆🏻


  4. quinncove says:

    Love this jumper!! ❤️


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