Stepping into 2017..

Hello Everyone.

I apologize for not creating content and being away for 2 months,but I was busy with exams and a lot was going on. I promise to be regular henceforth..

2016 just ended and what a year it has been. The year was a roller coaster ride indeed. I graduated this year,found some amazing friends and their family treated me just like their own! This year I ate like nobody’s business and I loved exploring Bangalore , Coorg, Mumbai all by myself *winks* .

My 31st was mind blasting. My friend’s family had organised a football match between us and a professional football team as he is very very passionate about the game. And there I was assembling my Outfit for the day. I bought a dungaree from  Flipkart and wore a Forever 21 tank underneath. As the neckline was very plunging , I threw in a scarf. I was very very excited about the bag that my friend got from Dubai and I will forever be thankful to him. I wore my tan wedges from Catwalk (which isn’t visible in the pictures sadly).


Bye Bye 2016. You’ve been amazing.

And my photographer is :

Thank you Vishal .

Do let me know what you all did in the New year’s eve in the comments below 🙂

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