Post pujo Swag with Swiggy!

Hi my readers and I am back with something really fun and interesting. So, Swiggy completed a year of operations in Calcutta and it was a special occasion i.e Bijoya. For those who do not know what Swiggy is, it is an online food delivery app where you can place your orders without any hassle of minimum billing and live track them. They are also super quick in their delivery.

Durga Puja just ended and the city was not feeling good after Maa Durga left marking the end of Pujo. One of those post pujo feels that only Calcuttans would understand. And Swiggy just made it perfect by throwing a get together for some top influencers from Kolkata on a Barge (a ship) . The evening was beautiful, with Maa Durga visarjan in the backdrop , beautiful sky above and the holy river below. As the ship got moving, Live Band set in and struck some soulful chords. There was a fun quiz about Calcutta too. And the dhaak bajano competition was hilarious indeed.  Cannot really describe how relaxed and lovely we felt. Revolving to and forth from the old Howrah Bridge to the new, Oh! the light breeze and the music. Oh how could I forget the food? It was a sumptous spread from Edesia.




I was in no mood of decking up like a Diva and hence I chose a Black Jeans and tucked my Black Spaghetti and threw over a blazer that I picked up from Colaba in Bombay. Oh yes, that Chanel belt though :D. Here’s my look :
















Special thanks : Mr. Sammya Brata for inviting,Mr. Anamitra Ghosh, Mr. Suprotim Nandi, Mr.Iyush Dutta for some fab clicks and Mr. Anuj Bothra, Mr. Subhojit from Swiggy for being a lovely host.

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