Pull Apart Corn & Cheese Pav !

It’s been long since I came up with some recipe. Today is the day when I beat your midweek blues with an easy and yummy recipe. Those following me on my snapchat know what I am talking of and if you aren’t following me on snapchat my ID is @ravzzylicious .

I made some yummylicious corn-cheese-garlic stuffed Pav. You really need no fancy ingredients for this one and no hi-fi preparations. All you need is:

A pack of Pav (Pav Bhaji bun)
75gms Butter
2 Garlic pods
2 cubes of Processed Cheese
1/3rd pack of Mozarella Cheese
100gms sweet corn
100gms Parsley/Coriander Leaves
a pinch of Black pepper
a pinch of salt

Take about  65gms of butter in a bowl. Add the shredded Processed cheese and the mozarella cheese. Add finely chopped parsley. If parsley is unavailable all you have to do is take coriander leaves and soak it in icy cold water for 20 mins so that it turns a little crunchy and then finely chop it WITH the stem. Add finely chopped garlic. Make a paste.

Pictorial representation below:



Next cut the pav along its lengths and breadth as shown below. Fill in the stuffing, brush up with butter ,parsley and oregano on top and cover it with an aluminium foil. Bake this (convection mode) at 180 degrees for 15minutes and enjoy with chatpata ketchup.





5 Comments Add yours

  1. Oh hello! – I need these in my belly!


    1. fuss&fire says:

      aha! come over. XoXo


  2. Jasmine says:

    This looks very tempting. Just wanted to bring this to your notice that at one place it is mentioned that bake for 150 mins and on the pic it is mentioned as 20 mins. I understand it’s a typo error which you might want to rectify.
    Will surely try this recipe. 🙂


    1. fuss&fire says:

      i noticed this and corrected it. it should ideally be 15-20 mins depending upon the volume. Thank you so much “)


  3. megha says:

    Hey..i like this.and will surely try at home.i hvnt heard about this recipe ever..its a quick snack


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