Mumbai Diaries .

Hi my angels. I’m back with yet another exciting post for you guys. This time its about the recent trip I made to Mumbai. It was one mind boggling trip and OH my God , the city has an altogether different vibe. The mindset, the aura, the city as a whole is indeed a City of Dreams. I went to so many places and I just can’t wait to show you guys where I went and what I wore.

Day-1 :

Day 1 was some blast shopping at Linking Road. I picked up scarves,tops,a pair of shoes,half a dozen glares and so many accessories! Meanwhile I went to hog at Oye Kake! in Lower Parel, Kamala Mills Compound and the Garlic naan was insane! I mean,  have never had a better Garlic Naan in my life.


I wore a Playsuit on this day and threw over an orange sling from Forever New and my Carlton Loafers looked perfect with the ensemble. Oh God, people loved this picture on my facebook. ( P.S- It was an absolutely no make up day ).

Style Tip: If you can, always add a belt to your dress or jumpsuit . It immediately accentuates the outfit. And a large belt and heavy jewellery Do NOT complement each other.


Day 2:

This was one of the most exciting days as I went to SMAAASH . Its a gaming parlour that’s owned and maintained by Star Sports. Its got a really innovation section, a section with 3 chambers dedicated to Cricket. You have an option of some 12-15 bowlers and various levels such as Amateur,Beginner,Advanced,Pro,etc. Whatever Bowler you choose and according to the level , you would get a ball in exactly the same action as that bowler would actually bowl. How I loved it! There are so many other games like Football, Basketball,etc.

It was one of the best styled days of mine as it was simple yet high street. I wore a white ganji *literally* from Promod, with my Heavy Ripped Jeans from Tokyo Talkies. Okay now Tokyo Talkies is one infamous brand that I lovvveee. It’s easy on the pockets but they have an absolutely amazing collection and the material is no less than any high end brand. Trust me and buy a pair of jeans or top . You WON’T  regret it. The bag and loafers remains the same as I could not carry so may different ones due to flight restrictions. And the glares are from Linking road . Also the neon Bralette.

Style Tip: White tee and denims can never go wrong. Just add a pop colour to make it stand out.




Day 3 :

Ok So I went shopping on Hill Road and then it was Bar Stock Exchange for the night. The BSE in Bombay is completely different from the one in Kolkata. In Kolkata its just made up slides and the prices are just NOT as per Demand-Supply thing. There its actually on demand and supply and you can see prices change every minute and the bartenders are not sloppy that they take a lot of time to serve and by the time prices change.

I wore a Peplum Top that belonged to a friend of mine. *Just stole from her closet* with black jeans from Tokyo Talkies . Yes TT again because I completely loved the fit and material. There was this heavy neckpiece from myntra and my white cutout wallet from Forever New.

Style Tip: When you are wearing a very pretty top and heavy neckpiece , a pulled back hair-do is the trick. It draws more focus to your outfit and makes the whole look clean.


Sorry for a slightly longer post. Day 4,5,6 coming up.

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  1. Gurwinder Singh says:

    Travel diary and style tips together. . 🙂
    Awesome. . 🙂


    1. fuss&fire says:

      thanks Guri 🙂


  2. Anne Chowdhury says:

    Pretty you!!!❤️


    1. fuss&fire says:

      look who’s talking. thanks for letting me steal your top though!


  3. techonutty says:

    Pics ka size thoda chotta kro, scroll krne se aadhi blog to wahi khatam ho jati hai #tip 😛


  4. Mandaliya Mehul says:

    the way you described & explained & your writing skills are amazing. keep up the good work & keep writing.


    1. fuss&fire says:

      Thank you for the kind words 🙂


  5. Nisha Agarwal says:

    My sweetheart kills it every time 😘😘😘


  6. Nisha Agarwal says:

    My sweetheart kills it every time 😘😘😘 💃💃💃💃


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