Styled My Superstar ! MOM <3

So we had a launch event at the Oberoi Grand-Kolkata where I was invited to cover the same in my blog and my other social accounts. The event unfortunately got canceled due to the Flyover collapse tragedy but nevertheless, I took my Mom along and also styled her for the event.

My Mom looks super young . Some even call her my sister and she wanted a look that’s not too girly but stylish at the same time. She doesn’t  mind wearing dresses but then come on ! I dont want to look like her assistant 😛 . Yes, She’s that pretty.

I chose a Missa More long tunic for her. Guys if you want classy capes, tunics, long tops , Missa More website is THE place to be at. They have really nice and edgy dresses and bottoms. You can scroll through their collection HERE .

Ok so coming back, I chose a Blue Long Tunic for her . I didn’t want it to look too plain , so I gave her a navy tank, to wear inside , so that the colour really pops out. She wore a pair of white leggings as the bottom. The outfit looked a little incomplete. We tried chunky Boho necklaces , Earrings, studs, pendants, but nothing worked. In the end, she brought out the Pearl beads that she had mistakenly bought and couldn’t find anything to pair it with. We used that and WHAAMM! It looked ppeerrffeecctt! Minimal,Classy and Chic. Just the way she wanted.

Presenting.. The Superwoman . The Divaaaaa:




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6 Comments Add yours

  1. Shazia Burke says:

    Wow! Your mum looks frabjous and gorgeous. Keep it up Ravina. Just loved your work. 😊


    1. fuss&fire says:

      Oh my God! Thank you Shaziaa 😘


  2. Dharmesh says:

    Wonder woman styling super woman 😉
    Fab job ravina 👏


    1. fuss&fire says:

      Eeeee ! Thanks Dharmesh 🙂


  3. Ankit Bothra says:

    Super cool…. Gorgeous…


    1. fuss&fire says:

      Haha Yes 🙂 thanks 🙂


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