When in Doubt, Layer it Out !

Hello People. Okay, So its been long that I posted something ! But I've come up with something that each one of you could easily do and create your looks.

We all have those button down shirts that we no longer wear because either we’re too bored with them or maybe they’ve faded with the regular wear and tear or We just don’t like them anymore.

Here’s how you could twist things up, create drama and make use of those shirts that you’ve thrown in the interiors of your closet. Trust me, it looks super classy if you wear it right and with a bit of mix and match

For Look  1,

I’ve used Mom’s oversized shirt that she got from Bangkok. I was in love with the Bugs Bunny print and couldn’t help but steal it from her closet! I just wore a Yellow tank underneath , a pair of regular blue denims and those Golden Moccasins from Carlton London. I’ll put in links for everything I can find, so in case you wanna buy anything, it can be of a little help!


You can check out the shoes, HERE

For Look 2:

So, I ordered this shirt from Amazon and the Shirt didn’t fit me. (too large) . I just got it altered from a local tailor but it wont fit me coz bigger pieces cant fit you like a cork suddenly.

So I just bought a white tank and paired it with really dark blue jeggings. picked up this shoe from Amazon again at a steal ( 600 bucks ONLY)

So Trust me when I say that Layering actually accentuates your body and looks super Stylish !

Shirt From: Chemistry. You can buy it HERE

Jeggings: People.

Shoes: Footilicious . you can buy it HERE  .

Do tag me in your pictures, if you try it out 🙂


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Shagun says:

    Woah nice one 😀 You look too good in this 🙂


    1. fuss&fire says:

      Thank you so much Shagun 🙂


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